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Christmas Tree

December 10th, 2005
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This is a shot of our Christmas tree this year,

We’ve almost converted everything to LED lights, just the star left to go. I have not been able to locate one yet, but I think next year I’ll just buy a string of LED lights, a regular star and make my own LED star.

The great thing about these LED strings of lights is they do not get hot. I know they save on power, but let’s face it.. nobody really cares how much electricity their Christmas tree uses. It could be the same as a 100watt lightbulb, and people are still going to lite it up.

Nope, without a doubt I’d have to say its the “Cool-to-touch” thats the best.. no more worries about how close the tree is to the curtains, or how many hours its safe to leave it lit up.

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