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Led Nightlight

December 11th, 2005
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This is a ridiculously simple mod.It came to mind during Christmas 2004. My mother and I were in a store and saw these ď7 ColorĒ Nightlights. They were on sale for something like $2.49 so I grabbed a couple to check them out.My original idea was to discover if they were using a single LED or 3 different colored ones. Turns out it is a single RBG LED, which I was happy about. Then the idea was to hack out this LED from the nightlights to use somewhere else.I never got around to it, and after Christmas, the Nightlight was put away, since it had a Christmas theme to it.

Then I was kind of bored one day and thought about replacing the Acrylic insert in the nightlight and re-etch a new design into it. I never got around to re-etching, but I did replace the acrylic.

Turn over the light and note the 2 screws and the shiny sticker on the bottom.
Remove the two screws from the light, but leave the sticker intact. This will allow the two halves to open on a hinge point, and once re-assembled will leave no indication of the mod.
Once open, remove the acrylic carefully, taking care not to damage the pillars it rests on.
Cut yourself a new piece of acrylic, making sure the width is the same as the original. Thickness should also be as close as you can purchase, to ensure it fills the hole in the nightlight. You must remember that these things have 120V inside of them, and you donít want someone hurting themselves because your new piece of acrylic is only half as thick, You can make it any height you want (within reason). The optimum seems to be about the same size as the piece we removed earlier. Drill two holes carefully where the pillars are to make it fit. Add a third hole where the LED will sit.
Line up the new piece of acrylic, and file the LED spot smooth, and the two edges as needed to make the new piece fit properly. You can see where I wasnít careful enough and broke the acrylic where the LED sits. Apon re-assembly, it didnít seem to matter, I suppose the LEDís focused light beam only needs the top curve of the notch to be nice.
Close the nightlight back up, SLOWLY.. you need to make sure the LED is going to sit inside your notch properly.. you may need to file it a bit more to make it fit.
All done! Still looks and works just like the factory one.
Below is an animation of the finished product.. The real nightlight holds each color about 10 seconds, but I have sped this one up to show all 7 colors.

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