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Hotel Connectivity

January 10th, 2006
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So here I am, about 350 KM from my house, up in Edmonton for a week of training.

It was not that bad of a drive up here, but the day was pretty long, as I still worked the remainder of the day.

So after work, I stumbled along the roads, and managed to find the hotel. While checking in, I asked about Internet, and got the usual “Huh” look from the girl behind the counter.

I get to the room, and it turns out they have a webTV style connection availble for $9.95 per day. So basically for the 4 nights I am staying here, they want the equivilant of an entire month of high speed cable. ummmm… no.

So I was all bummed out and kind of sulking here in the room, because the wife and I had planned on using the net to communicate to help cut costs on this trip.

I’m sitting here, deciding what to do, when it hits me like a bucket of cold water. I remember that Leo Laporte had mentioned in one of his Podcasts that sometimes people set up private unsecured wireless networks in their hotel room to share with everyone else.

So I whip out my wireless card, and start searching…


Turns out the Holiday Express Inn across the road has given full unsecured access to the internet. Even better, the signal is more than decent.. Windows reports the strength as “Good”

The only downfall I have seen tonight at all, is a reduction in speed, but who the heck cares.. I am at least connected. (Actually, I just moved the laptop by the window and I’m now getting 11Mbps so all is well here)

So I guess the moral of the story is try anyways.. you never know what the outcome just may be

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