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April 2nd, 2006
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It has been one long week here.

72 hour work weeks present some interesting challenges. Ever try to remember a padlock combination on 5 hours of sleep? On the forth day it gets a little straining.

Now imagine being a sys admin in a small company of about 20 people. Imagine on top of following several newsfeeds using Google’s Reader, you have about 12 different merchant accounts on the web, all with their own passwords, which you do not get to choose.

I have never been a fan of “Password Files.” As you have a single file incorporating everyone’s passwords, if the “wrong” person got the information it could be a catastrophe.

Locknote, however, changed my mind.

A little application that does not get installed. At All.


Locknote encrypts your files into a self-executing program using AES 256bit. This means decently strong encryption, so long as you choose a better master password than “dog”.

Okay.. sounds good, but what do you mean “Doesn’t get installed”?

Download the Locknote application. Create a small text file, type a sentence or two, then save it. Now drag it on top of the Locknote file you downloaded. It will then ask you for the master password to use in encrypting the file, then it will save a new .exe file in the same folder. Now run the new file, it will ask you for the password. Once the correct password is entered, the built in text editor will let you view the contents, and even allow you to change/modify and save the contents.


Lose the original file? No need to go download it again. Simply drag any text file onto any Locknote encrypted file, and it will convert it for you.

Very Interesting.

Go Read more, and check it out here;

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