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Power Lines

May 6th, 2006
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This picture is actually from the last time we went Geocaching.

I don’t know what about it I like so much, I mean.. Its power lines.

I think because of the inherent paradox of such a sight. This picture is taken in the heart of Calgary, an oil-rich boom town. Neighborhoods newly built have almost all the infrastructure buried underground, and the older neighborhoods underwent some upgrading so that much of their services are also underground.

When I was younger, you would see these towering structures everywhere. I can clearly recall the half-way point to school was defined by the crossing of two such power networks. One a small country single wire run that looped downwards from pole to pole, and the other a 5 wire towering run that almost seemed at home against the wheat crop backgrounds.

I guess with our lives getting busier by the day, we don’t get out of the city enough. Maybe thats why this picture speaks to me. Right in the middle of the city, in the heart of commerce and trading, life moving a hundred miles and hour around it stands this tower.

Quiet and content, standing proud, there to remind us perhaps that the city need not strangle and hold us as much as we let it.

That, or it was too expensive to bury the lines and it was simply easier to erect this tower to cross the river below. Whatever.

Power Tower

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