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Happy Fathers Day!

June 18th, 2006
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I hope all the fathers out there have a good day, and hopefully all your presents are as great as the one Kiki got for me.


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–Update – June 18, 2007

So it seems the attractant in this homemade trap is somewhat questionable. I went back to the original site almost a full year since this post was made, and the majority seem to agree that it does not work for mosquitoes. Oh well.. build the trap the same but with some root beer or cola in the bottom and you still have a wasp trap. Maybe using an old banana might work to attract some of the other bugs. Might to be a guess and test type of thing.

–End Update

We’ve made a version of this trap to catch wasps on a camping trip before, basically you invert the top of a 2 litre pop bottle, add an attractant, and watch as insects enter but cannot locate the exit.

This version uses yeast to produce a stream of CO2 to attract the mosquitos, and says it works for 2 weeks steady.

Check it out here:

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Well folks, we live in a modern world, and as such you need to be aware.

What happened in this story, is that a girl lost her phone in a cab. Some other people found the phone, but instead of returning it, or turning it in, they kept it and used it!

I won’t spoil it, but the girls brother has opened up to the internet in an attempt to get these people to return the phone that is not rightfully theirs.

Read it here:


June 3rd, 2006
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If you are a fan of plain view cryptography, in which I mean information that is displayed publicly, and its value high (Meaning secretive, or important), to which the general public has no idea what they are seeing- then take a quick read here.. I found it absolutely fascinating.

I also found the efforts by everyone applaudable, and its good to see people curious about public visible information and to root out exact meanings. I think if we had more people take notice of such things in life, we wouldn’t need to fear the unknown; rather we could explore it.

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