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To sum up this morning’s drive into work, I would have to say just one word.


Overnight we received about 10 centimeters of snow, and the temperature was -13 celcius. After a mild day yesterday this means roads are a little slippery, but not treacherous. The people behind the wheel of their cars, however, are a completely different story.

Generally we recognize here in Canada what a crappy morning will mean to routines. People must leave their houses a little earlier to get to work on time. People who arrive a little late to work are seldom penalized for it, since the weather obviously plays a role.

So why are people rushing so much?!?

3 road graders and a sanding truck in a convoy, all with huge signs that warn not to pass while their lights are flashing. This is for a variety of reasons, including the fact that if you are driving behind them then up ahead is not cleared and is bound to be more slippery than your current position.

And yet, I saw no less than 5 people whip past them, brazen perhaps by newly purchased tires, which did at least one person no good as the upcoming corner he skidded through, coming to stop inches before the crash rail. He is okay, so onward continues the flow.

Merging onto the main roadway was interesting. With the slow moving morning, roads often get a little backed up, however they usually are still moving so it may take a few extra minutes but you will get to your destination. So why does everyone treat merging like cutting into line? If I have to merge onto that road to get to my work, so do many others. The general rule of the road is to alternate the right of way. This allows everyone to get to where they are going with minimal issues.

Some “Nice” guy this morning decided the rule of the road was to protect his position at all costs, so even though there was plenty of space between him and the car ahead of him, as I was pulling into the lane he sped up and starting honking his horn.

Although he had tried to cut the space, Mr. Nice was not successful and I did ease into the lane. Apparently merging must be a troublesome concept, and he decided that the correct course of action was instead to get as close to my rear bumper for as long as possible.

A few minutes later down the road, Mr. Nice’s path was an exit to the right. As he gunned his car past mine, he was kind enough to show me his middle finger, which I took to mean he was sorry for his poor behavior. As he roared off the exit, steaming mad and red in the face, I guess that is when he must have realized it had been a full 2 seconds that he had not been paying attention to the road. He hit that curb pretty hard with such a look on his face, plus I think he hit his head on the roof of his car.

I used to let fools like this get me worked up, but I found it funny as hell this morning. Slow down people. You will get to work, you won’t be fired and you will have a much better start to your day.

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