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College Radio

March 24th, 2006
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Well after being duely bummed about the weather report today, I started surfing the local sites.

After checking to see if there were any Chixdiggit updates, I thought I’d explore a bit and found myself in the CJSW website.

The Indie music scene has a fairly good following here in Calgary, thanks to constant efforts by many organizations. I’ve always appreciated the break from mainstream radio, although I will admit its been a while since I’ve tuned in.

Right now I’m listening to the “Dirty Needles” hour which seems to be a Hip Hop themed set tonight which was quite good.

They provide both an OGG and MP3 live stream, so check out the Program Guide and find a time to listen in. Winamp is my preffered player, but Windows Media Player will play the MP3 stream just fine.

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  1. ToonzNo Gravatar

    Kinda forgot all about CJSW and I use to even send a 10 spot there way during fundraising. Hemp Hemp Hooray says the Shadowy Bangers form a Shadowy Planet.

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