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Day at the Lake

April 9th, 2006
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Its been a longish 2 weeks, so we decided to take the hour an a half drive west to the mountains today.

It was nice to get out of the city, at least for a little while. The fresh air is always welcome, and seeing some wildlife always makes you appreciate that not every facet of life revolves around money, and that happiness is a state of mind, not an accumulation of wealth.

That being said, if I was wealthy, I’d like to think I could spend more time exploring nature and taking many more trips like this one instead of paving over the parks to make way for a mega mall discount outlet store.

Mind you, that would be a lot easier if it didn’t cost us $18 for a day pass to the park.

Anyways, here are some photo’s of the day, each one links to a 1024×768 that if anyone wishes to use as a wallpaper, feel free.

lake1.jpg lake2.jpg lake3.jpg

lake4.jpg lake5.jpg lake6.jpg

3 Responses to “Day at the Lake”

  1. dreamcatcherNo Gravatar

    The pics look great, we will have to go out more often. It was a really fun day :^)

  2. ToonzNo Gravatar

    Yeah I almost choked on the $18 myself this weekend. I also spent $26 buck on 3 chocolate bars and a bag of ginger candies so fo figure hehe.

  3. SkrymirNo Gravatar

    Sucks to have to pay to see wildlife. I guess they want you to watch it from tv. During the summer, I have to fork out 5 bucks just to get to the river right next to my house. The rest of the year it is free.

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