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After the comic convention, we headed downtown for a bite to eat. We had no idea there was going to be a protest downtown today, but lo and behold, we were cut off by the parade. We did see two people get arrested, but we have no idea what for.

The protesters signs indicated they wanted some affordable housing, but the manifesto handed out talks about the smear campaign against the homeless/panhandlers. If I had not read the paper, we would have whole-heartedly supported their actions, especially since they were extrememly polite and law-abiding in the march.

But come on, since when is having panhandlers and/or homeless a good thing? I for one support efforts to get people to stop supporting the homeless and pandhandlers alike. I would much rather see funds diverted into social programs and work rehabilitation centers, and stronger police presence in the downtown core of Calgary.

On the train ride home, we see the hobo camps by the rivers edge, and its not affordable housing that comes to mind. I mean, we personally can’t afford a house, there is no way I’m supporting a social fund for these guys to live in one.

We are currently in an employment boom, and all’s I ever hear about is how hard it is for employers to find employees right now. That means the jobs are out there, and that people do have access to acheive the basic needs on their own. Pumping gas, McDonalds, Landscaping.. I’ve worked 10 or so terrible jobs for minimum wage that just barely got me by. The point, however; I still got by.


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