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Calgary Comic Con 2006

May 7th, 2006
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We woke up early today, and headed down to the Comic Convention. Pretty peaceful trip down, managed to see a few people dressed up for the event. We saw catwoman, The Crow, and an Anime girl on the C-Train. I never even thought to get pictures and by the time I did think of it, it was too late. The same goes for Peter Spengler, Poison Ivy and Scarecrow (DC Comics).

We did however get a few pics of others around the event, which were mostly Star Wars themed.

The convention itself was pretty decent, although a lot more focus it seems on merchandise than anything else.

We did get to see a few artists drawing live for the crowds, and seeing Chris from the family guy come to life before your eyes is damn cool, no doubt about it.

Also talked briefly with some guys who are going to be starting a webcomic called Penciltown. Check that out here.

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  1. ToonzNo Gravatar

    Looked kewl Brtus. Give it some time to grow and there will be more than just shopping. I always have fun though since I always find a gem for my 40 year old virgin collection.

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