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–Update – June 18, 2007

So it seems the attractant in this homemade trap is somewhat questionable. I went back to the original site almost a full year since this post was made, and the majority seem to agree that it does not work for mosquitoes. Oh well.. build the trap the same but with some root beer or cola in the bottom and you still have a wasp trap. Maybe using an old banana might work to attract some of the other bugs. Might to be a guess and test type of thing.

–End Update

We’ve made a version of this trap to catch wasps on a camping trip before, basically you invert the top of a 2 litre pop bottle, add an attractant, and watch as insects enter but cannot locate the exit.

This version uses yeast to produce a stream of CO2 to attract the mosquitos, and says it works for 2 weeks steady.

Check it out here:

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