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Tool, Live in Concert.

August 25th, 2006
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Went to the Tool Concert last night at the Saddledome. Opening band was okay, although I didn’t catch who it actually was.

Seats ended up being really nice, and we had a blast.

Here are some pictures from the big night, click on a thumbnail to see a bigger version.

24-08-06_2119.jpg 24-08-06_2120.jpg 24-08-06_2125.jpg

24-08-06_2140.jpg 24-08-06_2142.jpg 24-08-06_2143.jpg

24-08-06_2159.jpg 24-08-06_2200.jpg 24-08-06_2201.jpg

24-08-06_2216.jpg 24-08-06_2227.jpg

3 Responses to “Tool, Live in Concert.”

  1. ToonzNo Gravatar

    Good Times ! By the time they got to “Sober” I could barely stand hehe. Only complaint was they ran out of Coors Light apparently. For me the problem wasn’t that they ran out but rather the disbelief that so many people drink that crap. Luckily there was lots of CaNaDiAn

  2. BRuTuSNo Gravatar

    Tool Ticket

    Some Highlights of the Evening:
    – Discovered our seats were in the Club Section
    – Usher sat us in wrong section, then the people who were sitting in their rightful seats were almost convinced that they were sitting in our seats (oops)
    – Apparently we either went to the wrong washroom, or there was a closer one that we missed, either way there was no line up for either of the two stalls.
    – Non-invasive, total harmless pat-down to get in to concert.. felt more like a football greeting than a security checkpoint.
    – Ordered a Team Pitcher of beer at Boston Pizza, and even though there was only two of us, they served it anyways. (You are supposed to have a group of 4 or more to get one, its a lot of beer)
    – Cab driver who did not speak a word to us, but drove what felt like 100 miles an hour.

    Excellent night, excellent concert, I recommended attending a Tool concert if they visit your city!

  3. LisaNo Gravatar

    Their in Columbus, OH Sept 21 at the Nationwide Arena … First set of tickets are in Sect 102, the last 2 I bought, since I gave my son and his friends the first set .. are in the Club section 2… up and to the right of the stage, and the last single I bought .. is in Section 3 .. up close and personal 🙂 I hope the show here is good.

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