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Some Pictures

September 17th, 2006
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I’ve had these photos sitting on my desktop for a while now.

I guess I really like how they came out, and thought I’d share with everyone. All of these are taken by myself in and around Calgary.

2005-08-01_1.jpg 2005-08-01_2.jpg 2006-05-07_1.jpg
2006-05-28_1.jpg 2006-07-03_1.jpg

2 Responses to “Some Pictures”

  1. ToonzNo Gravatar

    The orange clouds are really nice. Takes me back to my days in Nam. Seriously kewl pic though.

  2. AshmodaiNo Gravatar

    Nice pictures! I can’t wait to visit Canada. It looks beautiful! I keep threatening that it’ll be next year but who knows. Btw, if you like sunsets, you should come check them out in the desert…

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