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Car show

March 18th, 2007
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Updated Sep2007, seems is a spam site in which they have stolen my content verbatim.  Direct links to images, the whole nine.


We received a pair of tickets to the Car show this weekend, so we made a day of it and went down to check it out. A lot of people were there, it was most certainly hard to focus on any one vehicle. A few dream cars but to be honest, nothing notably rare or esoteric.

Anyways, here are a few highlights of the show:

Shelby GR-1

Most excellent car, by far the best presence for when you first walk through the door. Huge rubbers, and impressive lines.

show01.jpg show02.jpg show03.jpg show04.jpg

Ford Mustang GT500 Cobra

There were actually a few mustangs from the California Specials to the Shelby GT500. Outwards all are very similar with most differences under the hood. V6 engine appears to be complete different technology than the V8’s so IMO, pay the difference and go for the power.


Jaguar XK

Jaguar always makes a nice car, this one certainly no exception. They speak for themselves, and I’ve found you either love them or hate them.

show06.jpg show07.jpg show08.jpg show09.jpg

Infiniti M45

After losing the Q45, it was nice to sit and dream for a few minutes. This M45 certainly lives up to and exceeds expectations. MP3 cd in dash and DVD in center console, backup camera, and engine panels create a great look in this luxury car.

show10.jpg show11.jpg show12.jpg show13.jpg show14.jpg show15.jpg show16.jpg

Dodge Charger

Hated the color.. there is a Nova in the city this same car and its just as ugly. I feel it would have been nicer to make the car black with this color as the accents rather than the other way around. Its so bright that the lines of the car are less pronounced and the whole shape looses a little appeal.

show17.jpg show18.jpg show19.jpg show20.jpg

Dodge Viper

The Viper is always nice to look at. Its an excellent car if you want some serious G-Force shoving you into the seats. I’d like to find out if they’ve improved the noise issue at all. The one Viper I was in was so loud, that it was hard to hold a conversation about anything other than the sound of the engine. Same sexy car though, and as always a treat to witness.

show21.jpg show22.jpg show23.jpg show24.jpg show25.jpg show26.jpg show27.jpg show28.jpg

Chevy Corvette

The front end of this car belongs in a Pixar animation. Seriously. The front end is rounded and accented in such a way that I would imagine an older female actress would readily lend her voice with credibility to the role. Its ironic that such an iconic vehicle that has featured a 454 engine and names such as “Stingray” has undertaken a slightly less aggressive look. Thats not necessarily a bad thing, and the rest of the car is full of shiny goodness. We just need to get the designers to bring back a harder line on the front end.

show29.jpg show30.jpg show31.jpg show32.jpg show33.jpg show34.jpg

Chevy Camaro

Nice car, but lots of influence from the past molded with modern designs. The rearview mirrors remind me simultaneously of old 50’s hot rodders and also the Viper. The ultra small side windows are the same feeling. You can tell they wanted to bring some muscle with some attitude to the table, but it all feels like its been done before. It will be interesting to keep an eye on the Camaro in the next couple of model years and see what polishing they perform.

show35.jpg show36.jpg show37.jpg show38.jpg show39.jpg show40.jpg

Suzuki Grand Vitara

This was an excellent display that had slot car versions of the Grand Vitara traveling in a pseudo 4x4ish terrain. The only issue was that like everyone else, the slot car toys really stole the show and I can recall more about them than the new Vitara. Oh well, at least it was cool. Video below:

show41.jpg show42.jpg

Saturn Sky

I’m not all that intimate with the Sky, but It looks like a nice car, I did like the color matched interior details. Reverse light below the rear bumper in the center was a nice touch. I will have to test drive one of these and see how they perform.

show43.jpg show44.jpg show45.jpg show46.jpg show47.jpg

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March 12th, 2007
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