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Limping Q45

January 10th, 2007
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The pictures don’t do it much justice.

Steering system is messed up, looks like the entire assembly got pushed
backwards, suspension on passenger side is gone, electronics aren’t
working properly (Though the computer does tell me the headlamp is
inoperative), new hood needed, new headlight assembly, new front fender,
passenger door will not open, new wheel.

Waiting on the claims adjuster now to determine if they will write it
off or repair it.

Like any good school fight review, “You shoulda seen the other guy”. He was driving a 2001 Ford Focus, which the entire front end looked messed up. He even snapped his steering linkage.

Will be interesting to see how this goes, we’re hoping its repairable since we’ve only owned the Q45 for about 6 months. Would be a such a shame to see it written off.

2007-07-10-debs-car-after-accident-001.jpg 2007-07-10-debs-car-after-accident-002.jpg 2007-07-10-debs-car-after-accident-003.jpg

2007-07-10-debs-car-after-accident-004.jpg 2007-07-10-debs-car-after-accident-005.jpg 2007-07-10-debs-car-after-accident-006.jpg

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  1. LisaNo Gravatar

    Ouch !!!!

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