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Transformers the Movie

July 4th, 2007
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Taking the day off work to see a movie. Priceless.

Who among us has not been waiting on pins and needles for this movie to arrive. It hails back to a much simpler time when friends and I would get together, each with a transformer or two and have epic mega battles in someone’s basement.

When we saw the original trailer for Transformers, we both knew right away that we were coming to see it. Absolutely no way we would miss this.

So how was it?

Overall I would have to give it a “Most Excellent”. A good plot keeps you in to the movie, and the only “slower” moment in the movie was filled with a good amount of comedy so you hardly noticed. Two and a half hours flew by fairly quickly. A good assortment of the classic transformers were present with enough names I remembered to keep me happy.

Every movie has good parts and bad parts. The only beefs I personally had were the following:

– Bumble bee is a Camaro. Now look; If you are going to update a classic Transformer, please don’t show the car he is supposed to be when you first introduce him into the movie. All of us were sitting there thinking ‘But that other car should have been…’

– Optimus Prime has lips. My god what an atrocity. He is supposed to have the metal plate that moves up and down. He didn’t need lips people. That was too far.

– “More than meets the eye” was used twice. Now either one were great, but to have the tag line twice in the movie.. I thought that was a little overdone.

– Product placement. Yes people there are placements in this movie and they are getting bold with it. We get to watch a Pontiac Solstice rotating on display for a few seconds and later in the movie its featured in an action shot, sans scars. We already paid you money to see the movie, and you pumped 15 minutes of ads at the start of it. Why do I get more in the movie.

Those few beefs are all minor, and don’t detract from the movie overall. Loved it. Rush out and see it folks, it was worth the money and then some.

4 Responses to “Transformers the Movie”

  1. ToonzNo Gravatar

    Have not seen but was really turned off with reading Megatron was a plane. Is this true ?

  2. BRuTuSNo Gravatar

    They had to update him I’m guessing because of the realism issues. In the cartoon he transforms into a gun small enough that Soundwave could hold it.

    In the movie he triple transforms, which I remember the later edition toy doing as well.

    Yep, he has a plane-ish mode he flys in, which appears for one scene, and maybe 1.5 seconds on screen.

    What they did for the gun aspect is he extends both arms forward, connects them together and they form a barrel to shoot.

    Anyway you slice it, he most certainly is not the classic megatron.

  3. sparkplug85No Gravatar

    will we see omgea supemre and the constructions

  4. BRuTuSNo Gravatar

    Not in this one.

    You will also miss out on the Dinobots, but who knows what is planned for future sequels.

    To be perfectly fair, Teletraan-I, Triple Changers, the combining teams the Aerialbots, Stunticons, Combaticons and Protectobots, Ultra Magnus, Galvatron, Unicron, SkyFire, etc are not in it either.

    I did manage to find a surprisingly accurate and full article writeup about classic Transformers on Wikipedia.

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