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Arduino Temperature Display

August 18th, 2008
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This was more of a proof of concept, a “I can do it” sort of project.  I had purchased the LM35 so long ago with plans to use it with a PicMicro.

I had purchased a couple of the Freeduino SB boards from Solarbotics, and found that I liked the quick/rapid prototyping it offers.   Its my first experience with the Arduinos, and apart from limited availability of the microcontroller, and an incorrect capacitor on the power supply, I’ve been pleasantly surprised.

I actually desoldered the capacitor out of the circuit to regain full voltage control of the board, and for future ones I’ll also have to desolder the vreg, since I prefer to use a switchmode and I’ll bypass some of the board control with my switch to save battery power.

LM35 is hooked up into Analog 0, and the reference is set to internal, which switches the 5V reference to 1.1V.  Measured with my DMM, it was closer to 1.043 and that is so close to the magic 1.024 number that the raw value is closer to the true reading from the LM35.

The LCD is the SLCD162 MeLabs LCD Display, which I also picked up from Solarbotics.

The LM35 is taped to an old northbridge heatsink, which provides a closer “In Air” reading.

I’ll be tearing apart this circuit to use the microcontroller in another project, but at least it will have some memory resting here on the site.


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