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One Weekend Only

November 10th, 2008
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Had a blast in Banff this weekend.

Quick recap of the events:

Friday head up to Banff, met Roger Kingkade who was our host on the bus. 2 free beers on the bus.

Check into Hotel, grab some food, head back to catch bus up to Norquay.

Secret Broadcast opened show – great set. Still Selling their CD for $5.

Matt Good – great live show. I highly recommend a small venue and 299 of your closest friends for checking him out. More beers there, met some guy named “Trevor”. Lifelong friend now after an initial wrong identity. Also met some couple who seemed to really enjoy chatting.

Head back and crash at hotel.

Saturday – Bum around Banff at the usual hangouts. Went to Tony Roma’s for a bite to eat.

Went down to Wild Bills about 8pm. Chatted with couple we met from night before, Matt Good impressed with Secret Broadcast and apparently asked them to also open for him down in Medicine Hat. Unconfirmed.

Mobile opened up the evening – again great show. Not everyone showed for some dumb reason so it was maybe 150 of us for Mobile.

Met Jay Osborne, relive horrible Bert Church High School days. Ran into him a couple of times later on in the evening. Friendly guy.

Chris Cornell – Freakin amazing as expected. Band threw out a guitar pick to the audience which I am keeping as a souvenir. Great set including 2 solo acousticals, and an encore featuring a Led Zep cover.

Apparently Chris Cornell almost didn’t happen – something related to divorce. Somewhere during the night someone stole the USB cable for my phone, which is funny because its not a standard cable. I have a MicroSD adapter, so except for hacking my phone, the cable is not at all useful, even less useful if they don’t have an Instinct.

After the show we hung out and got tipsy. Great songs being played in the bar included Public Enemy, Rage Against the Machine, Gorillaz and more. Met Lead Singer to Mobile who apparently loves Western Canadian People. Hope you got your rest man. I would love to check them out if I ever make it to Montreal.

Met Christian Hall, but someone else had him mixed up with Frasier, and 6 degrees of separation only works when there is actually something to connect. Still a cool guy, and again friendly. Can’t say enough great things about the X92.9 crew.

Apparently my Samsung Instict takes incredibly bad low light photos, and the microphone is so sensitive that the videos are oversaturated on the audio end. The phone also stores the videos in a horrible .3g2 format (Playable by Quicktime) so any salvageable audio is lost.

I briefly attempted some cleanup but its no hope. I’m still posting it all, cause I have the website, and I’m going to use it!

Bus Ride Up:

Secret Broadcast:


Matt Good:

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m-sspx0095 m-sspx0096 m-sspx0097

Chris Cornell:

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More links to check out:

Futuba S3004 Mod

November 5th, 2008
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This is my Strip Down and continous rotation mod to the Futuba S3004. Right now PM Hobby sells these here in Calgary for about $18.

Specs as listed at robotshop:

Specifications :
Single ball bearing on output shaft
Precise tight fit throughout the geartrain
Being standard size and lightweight, it fits many applications.
Three pole motor
Speed: 0.19 sec/60o at 6V
Torque: 4.1 Kg-cm (57oz-in) at 6V
Standard “J”-type connector with ~5″ of wire
Nylon gears

Start by removing the horn, flipping the servo over and removing the bottom 4 screws.

Have a quick look at the gears layout and note locations for later. A snapshot with a digital camera always helps if you have a short memory :) I usually place the gears right above where I am working in the proper order.

Have a look where the output shaft (the one with the bearing) was. You’ll see a shaft sticking through the hole with 2 flat sides. This is the feedback potentiometer. Unlike the S148, this servo’s output gear is completely molded so there is no plate to remove. Instead we must decide on a different plan of attack. If you have the room, you could simply desolder the potentiometer and mount it outside the case for easy trim adjust.

Since I prefer to leave the case looking stock, I’ll cut the potentiometer’s shaft so that it will no longer turn with the output gear. Carefully extract the board to gain access. This is a bit tricky as the potentiometer is soldered last onto the board, and is held into the case with 2 clips molded into the shell.

Once the shaft is snipped, reassemble the board into the shell. It took a bit for me to finess the pot properly back inside.. I had to push it into place from the bottom with a screwdriver so that it would clip back in. I also filed a bit of a slot in it so that I could adjust the trim. Remember to also cut the stop bar on the output shaft.

Quick test with my servo tester – all is good. 90 stops the motor completely, and forward/reverse are both working perfectly. All in All Took about 1/2 hour including taking pictures. I think future mods should take ~ 20 minutes. I also think I can skip removing the board and just cut the potentiometer shaft flush with the casing. will be a touch harder to set the pot, but will drastically cut down mod time.

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