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Take your average big box company that exists on both sides of the border. If you exist in Canada, you adjust your prices for the US. Visa versa if you exist in the US and sell to Canada.

With the Canadian and US dollars close to par, consumers are finally screaming at the outrageous differences in retail prices between countries.

The internet makes this easier than ever, and even major publishers have had to start selling their books at the US listed price here in Canada.

What about the big Swedish store?

Turns out they’re not so nice to us Canadians (In my own personal opinion)

While reading a favorite site of mine, I found people buying and modifying a readily available product from Ikea. They were saying that for $50, it was an attractive product to play with.

So I head over today to check it out, figuring with the dollar on par, $50 Canadian isn’t so bad to invest.

Imagine my shock when the price tage is $80. More than 1.5x what the US pays.

So outraged I am, I wonder if I order from the US site and have the item shipped by ground mail if it would be cheaper than visiting my local retail outlet.

Unbooring? Try Unbelieveable. I put down the items I found along the way and left. I’ll keep my money and spend it at local retailers who respect consumers, and price fairly.

Then I came home and checked both online sites. Incredibly, they both show the prices as mentioned, as though they don’t care if the consumer knows. Makes me feel like they think its a privelage for me to purchase from them.

Guess I’ll be passing on that privelage.

Screenshots of the site taken from my eeePC:

ikeaus.png ikeacdn.png

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