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One Weekend Only

November 10th, 2008
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Had a blast in Banff this weekend.

Quick recap of the events:

Friday head up to Banff, met Roger Kingkade who was our host on the bus.  2 free beers on the bus.

Check into Hotel, grab some food, head back to catch bus up to Norquay.

Secret Broadcast opened show – great set.  Still Selling their CD for $5.

Matt Good – great live show.  I highly recommend a small venue and 299 of your closest friends for checking him out.  More beers there, met some guy named “Trevor”.  Lifelong friend now after an initial wrong identity.  Also met some couple who seemed to really enjoy chatting.

Head back and crash at hotel.

Saturday – Bum around Banff at the usual hangouts.  Went to Tony Roma’s for a bite to eat.

Went down to Wild Bills about 8pm.  Chatted with couple we met from night before, Matt Good impressed with Secret Broadcast and apparently asked them to also open for him down in Medicine Hat.  Unconfirmed.

Mobile opened up the evening – again great show.  Not everyone showed for some dumb reason so it was maybe 150 of us for Mobile.

Met Jay Osborne, relive horrible Bert Church High School days.  Ran into him a couple of times later on in the evening.  Friendly guy.

Chris Cornell – Freakin amazing as expected.  Band threw out a guitar pick to the audience which I am keeping as a souvenir.  Great set including 2 solo acousticals, and an encore featuring a Led Zep cover.

Apparently Chris Cornell almost didn’t happen – something related to divorce.  Somewhere during the night someone stole the USB cable for my phone, which is funny because its not a standard cable.  I have a MicroSD adapter, so except for hacking my phone, the cable is not at all useful, even less useful if they don’t have an Instinct.

After the show we hung out and got tipsy.  Great songs being played in the bar included Public Enemy, Rage Against the Machine, Gorillaz and more.  Met Lead Singer to Mobile who apparently loves Western Canadian People.  Hope you got your rest man.  I would love to check them out if I ever make it to Montreal.

Met Christian Hall, but someone else had him mixed up with Frasier, and 6 degrees of separation only works when there is actually something to connect.  Still a cool guy, and again friendly.  Can’t say enough great things about the X92.9 crew.

Apparently my Samsung Instict takes incredibly bad low light photos, and the microphone is so sensitive that the videos are oversaturated on the audio end.  The phone also stores the videos in a horrible .3g2 format (Playable by Quicktime) so any salvageable audio is lost.

I briefly attempted some cleanup but its no hope.  I’m still posting it all, cause I have the website, and I’m going to use it!

Bus Ride Up:

Secret Broadcast:


Matt Good:

mg-sspx0078 mg-sspx0079 mg-sspx0082 mg-sspx0083 mg-sspx0084 mg-sspx0087


m-sspx0095 m-sspx0096 m-sspx0097

Chris Cornell:

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Sadness in our hearts

February 10th, 2007
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There is not a lot of people in one’s lifetime that you will know for the span of a decade, let alone for two or three.

Growing up in a single parent family certainly had issues, but we always managed the best we could. We could not have done it without the help of many people over the many years, and certainly the family across the street played a big part of it.

They had a son my brother’s age and throughout the years they ended up always hanging out together, going to school together. We would play board games at our house, legos at theirs, typical stuff.

I was in complete and utter shock when I heard the news. Cam died last night.

I almost dropped the phone in disbelief. I mean.. wow.

I don’t know what to even say or do or think even. Today I spent most of the day just spacing out, remembering all the things through the years we’ve done together. All the baseball games, and hockey rink times. There is a surreal sense of the world around us, and a sadness for a childhood friend.

I can’t imagine what my brother is going through at the moment, or Cam’s family for that matter.

They are in our thoughts and our prayers.  Please keep them in yours too.


Limping Q45

January 10th, 2007
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The pictures don’t do it much justice.

Steering system is messed up, looks like the entire assembly got pushed
backwards, suspension on passenger side is gone, electronics aren’t
working properly (Though the computer does tell me the headlamp is
inoperative), new hood needed, new headlight assembly, new front fender,
passenger door will not open, new wheel.

Waiting on the claims adjuster now to determine if they will write it
off or repair it.

Like any good school fight review, “You shoulda seen the other guy”. He was driving a 2001 Ford Focus, which the entire front end looked messed up. He even snapped his steering linkage.

Will be interesting to see how this goes, we’re hoping its repairable since we’ve only owned the Q45 for about 6 months. Would be a such a shame to see it written off.

2007-07-10-debs-car-after-accident-001.jpg 2007-07-10-debs-car-after-accident-002.jpg 2007-07-10-debs-car-after-accident-003.jpg

2007-07-10-debs-car-after-accident-004.jpg 2007-07-10-debs-car-after-accident-005.jpg 2007-07-10-debs-car-after-accident-006.jpg

Still with AOL

August 7th, 2006
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In todays times where high speed internet has come down to the same or cheaper in some cases as AOL, why would anyone still use their service?

For those out there that still use it, or know someone that does, this story may change your mind dramatically.

AOL decided it was a good idea to release search history for a 3 month period. While they changed usernames to random numbers, the search terms themselves by nature have personally identifiable information.

Read the full story Here

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Sometimes we get other weather here as well.

Today we were over 30C (Thats about 86F), and it was truly a beautiful day. That is until about 6:00pm-ish.

Keep in mind, while looking at the following pics, that is hail you are observing, not snow. Enough water came down that an entire road was shut down, homes flooded, trees stripped of leaves and various other damages.

20 minutes North, a bit of rain, nothing much to worry about.

2006-07-06 Flood 003.jpg 2006-07-06 Flood 004.jpg 2006-07-06 Flood 005.jpg 2006-07-06 Flood 012.jpg 2006-07-06 Flood 015.jpg 2006-07-06 Flood 017.jpg 2006-07-06 Flood 020.jpg 2006-07-06 Flood 029.jpg 2006-07-06 Flood 038.jpg 2006-07-06 Flood 046.jpg 2006-07-06 Flood 047.jpg 2006-07-06 Flood 064.jpg

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–Update – June 18, 2007

So it seems the attractant in this homemade trap is somewhat questionable. I went back to the original site almost a full year since this post was made, and the majority seem to agree that it does not work for mosquitoes. Oh well.. build the trap the same but with some root beer or cola in the bottom and you still have a wasp trap. Maybe using an old banana might work to attract some of the other bugs. Might to be a guess and test type of thing.

–End Update

We’ve made a version of this trap to catch wasps on a camping trip before, basically you invert the top of a 2 litre pop bottle, add an attractant, and watch as insects enter but cannot locate the exit.

This version uses yeast to produce a stream of CO2 to attract the mosquitos, and says it works for 2 weeks steady.

Check it out here:

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Well folks, we live in a modern world, and as such you need to be aware.

What happened in this story, is that a girl lost her phone in a cab. Some other people found the phone, but instead of returning it, or turning it in, they kept it and used it!

I won’t spoil it, but the girls brother has opened up to the internet in an attempt to get these people to return the phone that is not rightfully theirs.

Read it here:

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