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Lenses for camera phone?

November 11th, 2006
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I never really though about the idea until I read this guy’s post.

Quite an interesting idea, since I bet if other people are like me, the idea of the camera in the phone was nice to be able to always have the ability to snap a picture in situations you were not prepared for. The idea of carrying around lenses for the camera to further this idea, well thats just plain awesome.

Read it here:

Some Pictures

September 17th, 2006
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I’ve had these photos sitting on my desktop for a while now.

I guess I really like how they came out, and thought I’d share with everyone. All of these are taken by myself in and around Calgary.

2005-08-01_1.jpg 2005-08-01_2.jpg 2006-05-07_1.jpg
2006-05-28_1.jpg 2006-07-03_1.jpg

Tool, Live in Concert.

August 25th, 2006
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Went to the Tool Concert last night at the Saddledome. Opening band was okay, although I didn’t catch who it actually was.

Seats ended up being really nice, and we had a blast.

Here are some pictures from the big night, click on a thumbnail to see a bigger version.

24-08-06_2119.jpg 24-08-06_2120.jpg 24-08-06_2125.jpg

24-08-06_2140.jpg 24-08-06_2142.jpg 24-08-06_2143.jpg

24-08-06_2159.jpg 24-08-06_2200.jpg 24-08-06_2201.jpg

24-08-06_2216.jpg 24-08-06_2227.jpg

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Sometimes we get other weather here as well.

Today we were over 30C (Thats about 86F), and it was truly a beautiful day. That is until about 6:00pm-ish.

Keep in mind, while looking at the following pics, that is hail you are observing, not snow. Enough water came down that an entire road was shut down, homes flooded, trees stripped of leaves and various other damages.

20 minutes North, a bit of rain, nothing much to worry about.

2006-07-06 Flood 003.jpg 2006-07-06 Flood 004.jpg 2006-07-06 Flood 005.jpg 2006-07-06 Flood 012.jpg 2006-07-06 Flood 015.jpg 2006-07-06 Flood 017.jpg 2006-07-06 Flood 020.jpg 2006-07-06 Flood 029.jpg 2006-07-06 Flood 038.jpg 2006-07-06 Flood 046.jpg 2006-07-06 Flood 047.jpg 2006-07-06 Flood 064.jpg

Saskatoon, SK

July 4th, 2006
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We were away on the weekend, we went to Saskatoon for a family reunion. We had gotten a fantastic rate at the Sheraton, as it turns out the hotel is owned by the same family we were here for.

This is the Hotel, and the view from our window. We were staying on the backside of the hotel, the front side will overlook the river and the park. Looking on a few internet “Hotel Saver” sights, the hotel appears to cost about $169 CDN per night.
2006-07-03 Family Reunion 021.jpg 2006-07-03 Family Reunion 022.jpg 2006-07-03 Family Reunion 003.jpg

Directly across from the hotel is a park that leads to a walking path that runs beside the river. Just in front of the park is a nice little hot dog stand (Get the handmade sausage, it was great) and just down the steps is a water fountain. For some reason the fountain is foamy; not sure if its intentional or something with the water. There was also this door cut into the side of the hill, which I’m sure is simply for access to plumbing and what-not, but I always wonder about them. Who knows, one of these doors could ultimately lead to a secret tunnel that leads to some government installation. Or to the Fountain’s plumbing controls.. whatever.
2006-07-03 Family Reunion 027.jpg 2006-07-03 Family Reunion 036.jpg 2006-07-03 Family Reunion 044.jpg 2006-07-03 Family Reunion 048.jpg

Half a block down the road is the Delta hotel. We didn’t go inside, but the building had such great cement details, we had to take a few pictures.
2006-07-03 Family Reunion 010.jpg

Here are some of the cement details:
2006-07-03 Family Reunion 011.jpg 2006-07-03 Family Reunion 012.jpg 2006-07-03 Family Reunion 013.jpg 2006-07-03 Family Reunion 014.jpg 2006-07-03 Family Reunion 019.jpg 2006-07-03 Family Reunion 020.jpg

Just another half block from the delta was this Bus. Now supposedly this bus has some excellent Ice Cream. When we went to check it out though, we were both quite hungry and opted instead for two hot dogs and some popcorn. Those both were mediocre at best, and I wish we had tried the ice cream, but to be honest we were full by that point. Next time we’re in Saskatoon I guess.
2006-07-03 Family Reunion 008.jpg

Thats it for pictures, we both enjoyed the trip and like any vacation, we both wished we had an extra day or two out there to take in more of the sights. Service at the Hotel was generally great, although I’ll admit morning #1 room service gets a full 10/10. Mornings #2 & #3 though they did not live up to that first morning. Morning #2 no waters with breakfast and Morning #3 they didn’t send any cream for my coffee.

Facilities at the hotel were great, each morning we got up about 7:30am, had a light breakfast, then went down to the fitness Centre. About an hour long workout, followed by some swimming, followed in turn by a soak in the hot tub.

Family reunion itself was fine, although it seemed at any given moment we were waiting for one thing or another, which made the night drag on a little.

We did manage to stop by my Uncle & Aunts house the day after for a bbq, and enjoyed some excellent food, which is nice since hotel food is always a bit pricey, not to mention “Different”.

Made it back home okay, although half way home the AC in the car gave out. We think it probably just needs a recharge but when your wife is prone to motion sickness, something like no AC becomes a big deal. We made it back, none-the-less, and glad to see our home again.

Camping Weekend

May 28th, 2006
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Since the forecast was a little wet this weekend, we figured the campgrounds would be pretty much empty. We asked the in-laws if they wouldn’t mind us borrowing their trailer for the weekend, and off we went!

We went to a favorite campground of ours, Red Lodge. It is about an hour long drive from Calgary, so its not that far to head up for a weekend getaway. Here are a couple of pictures, showing a typical site, the shower house, the rec area, and the river that borders it.
2006-05-28 Camping 024.jpg 2006-05-28 Camping 023.jpg 2006-05-28 Camping 022.jpg 2006-05-28 Camping 028.jpg

We had a fun time, and it only rained down on us twice, neither of which time we were outside. We got to go on a couple of walks, eat some good outdoor cooked food, and what is camping without the essential campfire? Basically its the reason we go. We cook over it, warm by it, and watch it for hours. We even caught the hockey game on the radio while sitting by the fire.
2006-05-28 Camping 017.jpg

A great weekend, and it was hard to come back to the city, but life must go on. Here a couple of pictures from our walks.
2006-05-28 Camping 026.jpg 2006-05-28 Camping 038.jpg 2006-05-28 Camping 047.jpg 2006-05-28 Camping 049.jpg 2006-05-28 Camping 057.jpg 2006-05-28 Camping 059.jpg 2006-05-28 Camping 060.jpg 2006-05-28 Camping 061.jpg 2006-05-28 Camping 062.jpg

Calgary Comic Con 2006

May 7th, 2006
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We woke up early today, and headed down to the Comic Convention. Pretty peaceful trip down, managed to see a few people dressed up for the event. We saw catwoman, The Crow, and an Anime girl on the C-Train. I never even thought to get pictures and by the time I did think of it, it was too late. The same goes for Peter Spengler, Poison Ivy and Scarecrow (DC Comics).

We did however get a few pics of others around the event, which were mostly Star Wars themed.

The convention itself was pretty decent, although a lot more focus it seems on merchandise than anything else.

We did get to see a few artists drawing live for the crowds, and seeing Chris from the family guy come to life before your eyes is damn cool, no doubt about it.

Also talked briefly with some guys who are going to be starting a webcomic called Penciltown. Check that out here.

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