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Calgary Weather

April 24th, 2010
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Calgary weather is funny.

It really hasn’t changed a bit since I was younger. We live near a mountain range, which can cause weather shifts with very little notice.

We’re also far north enough that a strong arctic wind will carry down to us. Even in the spring.

A couple days ago, for example, it was +22 Celsius outside. Girls wearing shorter skirts, Men wearing shorts and sandals.

I laughed when I saw it. This is why.

Snowy Spring Day in Calgary

Car Show

March 14th, 2010
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Had a great time, did not take nearly the same amount of pics as previous years, but here are a couple of the good ones:

Canadian Whirly Bird

April 26th, 2009
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Can’t even describe how great it was to be close enough to feel the blast of air hit us.

The Diesel fumes a bit much, and with the turbine its one screaming loud engine, but it was pure awesome the entire time.


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