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Lunar Eclipse, Feb 20 2008

February 19th, 2008
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Feb 20 night brings us a lunar eclipse. Best viewing should be between 8:00pm and 8:50pm.

Here is the chart from Nasa:



I don’t have a telephoto lens, but here is a shot of the lunar eclipse.



Was reading through some news on a grade school chum’s website, and turns out he’s an avid photography guy. He has also taken some pictures (Vastly superior to mine.. Someone buy me an SLR for Pete’s sake)

You can find his shots Here:

Perseids Meteor shower 2007

August 13th, 2007
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We stayed up to head just outside the city limits to take in the meteor shower this year. The weather channel lady had said it would be a great night for it, so we had headed a ways north to take it in.

Infortunately, some cloud cover moved in just as we picked out our spot. We hung around for about an hour, but there was nothing doing, so we packed it in and headed home.

Just as I was filling up with gasoline, the wife had seen some activity in the sky. It had cleared up just a little, and she had seen a bright meteor in the sky.

So we headed out east this time to again get away from the city lights. It took almost 20 minutes of neck strain before we saw our first one. It was a very bright streak through what seemed one end of the horizon to the other. After that, we saw bright ones every 5 to 10 minutes. We may have seen some very faint ones, but it is hard to tell when you are seeing a faint streak or your eyes are playing tricks.

All in all, it was a good skywatch night, we are looking forward to doing it again soon.

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My only regret to canceling the G4TechTv subscription is missing Brainiac.

Here is a most excellent video showing the reaction of both Rubidium and Cesium with water, both of which are alkali metals.

Hello to all from BloodLine Empire

Dangerous Toothpick

March 11th, 2006
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I was reading a Digg article today, and it links to a Google Movie clip.

This is just incredible.

Basically they light the tip of a match and place it inside of a microwave.

If you watch the video, it discusses what the theory of what is happening.

Very interesting, very cool.

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