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July 14th, 2008
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One heck of a storm went through the city tonight.

I’m no Troy Feener, but I did manage to snap a couple of good shots of the thunderstorm tonight.

Truthfully, it really makes me want to upgrade my point and shoot to an SLR, if it wasn’t for the fundage.

Work Flooded out

June 6th, 2007
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Tuesday night and Wednesday night, this is what we had to deal with at work.

Nothing but fun times 😉


2007-06-05-flood-at-work-028.jpg 2007-06-05-flood-at-work-029.jpg 2007-06-05-flood-at-work-031.jpg

2007-06-05-flood-at-work-033.jpg 2007-06-05-flood-at-work-035.jpg 2007-06-05-flood-at-work-036.jpg2007-06-05-flood-at-work-038.jpg

2007-06-05-flood-at-work-039.jpg 2007-06-05-flood-at-work-041.jpg 2007-06-05-flood-at-work-042.jpg 2007-06-05-flood-at-work-043.jpg

2007-06-05-flood-at-work-044.jpg 2007-06-05-flood-at-work-045.jpg 2007-06-05-flood-at-work-046.jpg 2007-06-05-flood-at-work-047.jpg

2007-06-05-flood-at-work-048.jpg 2007-06-05-flood-at-work-049.jpg 2007-06-05-flood-at-work-050.jpg 2007-06-05-flood-at-work-051.jpg

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